Asistent-IT is a Moldavian company which activates in the field of IT services.

We are flexible to each business level, we develop web and desktop applications according to customers’ needs.

Our services:

1. Web design

We are able to provide full package of web design services. A website with customized design will help you to define properly the virtual image of your business.
2. Visual Identity

Visual identity is very important for a company whether it is a small or a large business. The perception of this identity is created by logo, colors and motto. All of them afterwards are used on a lot of promotional materials.
3. Optimization and Promotion.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a technique that helps you to “get known” by the search engines, using for this relevant key-words about your business or products. Choosing the keywords is an important task of the SEO process.
4. Desktop Applications

We are able to create Desktop and Client-Server applications of any complexity.

We care about our image, created in time and thru strong partnerships, that why we are always focused on highest quality of provided services.
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